The Science of Coaching On-Demand Webinar Series: Data-Informed Feedback

Built upon 10 years of validated, peer-reviewed research from esteemed professors at Rutgers and Arizona State Universities on the most effective instructional coaching strategies for public school educators, the science of coaching comprises 3 coaching skills and 6 coaching actions that are proven to consistently increase teacher retentionimprove student outcomes, and simplify support systems.

These coaching skills and actions are significant, not only because they give coaches and teachers a clear and proven system for growth, but also because they empower school and district leaders to make data-informed decisions about the kind of instructional coaching they should be investing in.

On November 29, 2023, the last installment of our three-part Science of Coaching Webinar Series covered the critical skill of and associated coaching actions for Data-Informed Feedback.

Research shows that clear, frequent, and positive feedback improves coaching, teaching, and student outcomes. The on-demand webinar recording takes a deep dive into the research behind and actionable strategies for effectively giving data-informed feedback.

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