Webinar Series: The Science of Coaching

science-of-coaching-graphic-with-labelsBuilt upon 10 years of validated, peer-reviewed research from esteemed professors at Rutgers and Arizona State Universities on the most effective instructional coaching strategies for public school educators, the science of coaching comprises 3 coaching skills and 6 essential coaching actions that are proven to consistently increase teacher retention, improve student outcomes, and streamline support systems.

These coaching skills and actions are significant, not only because they give coaches and teachers a clear, structured, and proven system for growth, but also because they empower school and district leaders to make data-informed decisions about the kind of instructional coaching they should be investing in.

Throughout November 2023, we hosted a 3-part webinar series to explore the research behind and gain a deep understanding of each of the coaching skills!

Presented by the experts behind this decade of robust research, Dr. Alexander Kurz from Arizona State University and Dr. Linda Reddy from Rutgers University, each webinar explores the effective coaching actions that make up each of the three coaching skills with the ultimate goal of sending you back to your school or district with actionable strategies for transforming your coaching program, improving job satisfaction and teacher retention, and accelerating student achievement.

Watch the on-demand webinars below! Please note the three separate links.

Science of Coaching: Collaborative Goal Setting

November 8, 2023

Science of Coaching: Implementation Design & Support

November 15, 2023

Science of Coaching: Data-Informed Feedback

November 29, 2023