Celebrating 11 Years of Supporting Public School Professionals

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Press Contact: Brianna Schmitz, bschmitz@wearecsg.com

AUSTIN, Tex. — engage2learn (e2L), a leader in supporting public school districts through data-informed talent development, celebrates its 11th anniversary by looking ahead to the future. Since its founding, engage2learn has served nearly 300 public school districts, 1,800 schools, and 79,000 educators to impact the education of over 4.5 million students nationwide. These milestones reflect the surging demand for engage2learn’s smart professional growth system, which provides evidence-based coaching strategically aligned to district priorities.

“It’s time for individualized, equitable support systems for all teachers,” said Shannon Buerk, founder and CEO of engage2learn, who served as a public school educator for over 20 years before founding the organization. “Just as the educational system has sought to modernize learning for student outcomes, the same rigor and devotion must be applied to modernizing professional learning. We can replace ‘training’ and checklist-based PD with a more relevant model that gives teachers agency in their ongoing personal and professional growth and empowers them to excel.”  

Professional development (PD) has traditionally been a compliance-based, one-size-fits-all model that too often leaves public school systems without the tools, insights, or platform to institute a culture of growth. engage2learn is committed to shifting and scaling how public schools support educators, transforming PD to bring out the best in every teacher and their students — with the data to prove it.   

“As educators ourselves, we understand the unprecedented challenges that public school educators are facing and why professional learning as a benefit is needed now more than ever,” said Buerk. “Our goal is to set the standard for smarter professional growth that is competency-based, accelerates learning, dramatically increases retention and offers measurable insights on the growth of teachers directly tied to outcomes. The greatest investment an organization can make is in its people because everyone — from administrators to teachers to students — deserves the support and resources they need to be at their best.”  

With equitable support for every learner, engage2learn’s just-in-time, just-right support empowers educators to successfully engage students at any level. This support allows teachers to focus on what they do best — to activate the best from every student.  

Innovative and Effective Services Drive Change

engage2learn’s comprehensive education data and development platform, eSuite, is designed to support the evolution of public education, with extensive personalized resources to support educators in their growth journeys. Formative analytics correlate the impact of engage2learn’s job-embedded coaching to teacher retention and student outcomes. As a result, district leaders gain data-informed insights for mutually beneficial decisions that prioritize the most effective initiatives and create the capacity teachers deserve.  

“When we started working with engage2learn in the 19-20 school year, we had four underperforming campuses in our school district, but today we are seeing great growth with an average increase of 13% in math,” said David Young, Superintendent of Abilene Independent School District. “It has become the culture of our district to assess and reflect upon the instructional processes, and developing our people and coaches with engage2learn has been foundational to our transformation.”

Accelerating Growth for Educators and Their Students

A world leader in professional growth analytics, engage2learn promotes Education Intelligence by correlating educator growth with learner outcomes. engage2learn is celebrating its achievements over 11 years with a commitment to help public schools work for educators as hard as educators work for the education system. The organization’s proven and measurable framework for talent development creates agency, supports autonomy, and accelerates learning for everyone by delivering:  

  1. Competency-Based Professional Learning Standards based on research and leveled for consistent growth replace the churn of new programs, standardize growth data, and enable educators to master their craft in a changing landscape.
  2. Evidence-Based Coaching moves beyond the compliance culture of observation-based coaching to create a more efficient and actionable process for enhancing, tracking, recognizing, and celebrating growth. 
  3. Adaptive Individualized Learning Pathways engage educators to set goals and build clear paths to mastery of skills relevant to each one instead of perpetuating the one-size-fits-all model of traditional professional development. 
  4. Equitable Cultures of Growth permeate an organization and go beyond instructional coaching to include leadership support to engage and supply every educator and learner with the support they deserve.
  5. Education Intelligence empowers leaders with robust, integrated dashboarding and objective analytics connecting educators to actionable insights. This data brings coaching and educator efficacy into focus and highlights the corresponding success of students.

To learn more about engage2learn, visit https://engage2learn.org/services.