Evidence-Based Educator Coaching Has Significant Impact on Student Outcomes

Austin, TXOctober 3, 2022engage2learn (e2L) has released new research on the impact of competency-based educator coaching and support on student outcomes. The ESSA Level 3 K-5 Efficacy Study shows that job-embedded educator support from e2L has a statistically significant impact on student growth in reading and math, a particularly valuable finding as American public schools grapple with addressing the implications of pandemic-related disruptions in learning. 

K-12 leaders have long known that educator performance has the most significant impact on the learning environment and learner outcomes but often struggle to demonstrate the effect of educator support on student achievement. Using impactConsole+, the comprehensive tool in eSuite for educator growth and student outcomes data analytics, e2L partner districts can see the correlation between evidence-based educator coaching and student achievement. 

To substantiate these correlations and objectively measure e2L’s contributions to educator and student success, an independent, third-party evaluator – Learning Experience Design (LXD) Research – analyzed educator growth and student outcomes data from the 2021-2022 school year in a medium-sized public school district in Texas. 

Researchers compared NWEA MAP data for K-5 students in reading and math against growth data for educators focused on mastering core instructional best practices. They validated the efficacy of e2L job-embedded coaching and support programs on student achievement, concluding that “the impact of teacher mastery on student academic growth is positive and significant in both reading and math.”

Key findings from LXD’s study include:

  • Students of teachers who earned multiple Mastery Badges as a result of growth in competencies experienced significantly higher growth in Reading and Math MAP RIT Score gains compared to those students whose teachers did not earn Mastery Badges. 
  • Students of teachers who earned multiple Mastery Badges were also significantly more likely to meet growth targets than students whose teachers did not earn Mastery Badges.  
  • Nearly all grade levels showed statistically significant growth differences between students whose teachers earned multiple Mastery Badges and those who did not earn Mastery Badges.

“LXD Research’s study paints a clear picture of the impact of competency-based coaching and growth on student outcomes, affirming our own data and what we see on the ground in our partner districts every day,” said Shannon Buerk, Founder and CEO of engage2learn. “We’re proud to lead the charge to transform professional learning and educator support, ensuring that the quality of a teacher’s PD and, therefore, a student’s education is never left to chance.”

Learn more about and download a summary of the engage2learn ESSA Level 3 K-5 Efficacy Study here.

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About LXD Research

LXD Research is an independent evaluation, research, and consulting division within Charles River Media Group, LLC focusing on educational technology. We design rigorous research studies, multifaceted data analytic reporting, and dynamic content to disseminate insights. Visit www.LXDResearch.com.

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