New Research Reveals the Impact of Coaching Support from engage2learn on Teacher Retention and Outcomes for Multilingual Learners

Austin, TX engage2learn (e2L) has released the findings of two studies, highlighting the essential role played by e2L's coaching and educator support systems in promoting teacher retention and driving marked improvements in multilingual learner (MLL) growth within public schools.

For K-12 educational leaders, it has long been understood that educator performance holds significant influence over the learning environment and learner outcomes. These latest studies provide further evidence that e2L's competency-based coaching, aligned with individualized teacher needs, offers partner districts a tangible correlation between evidence-based educator coaching and student success.

Conducted by third-party independent evaluator Learning Experience Design (LXD) Research, the research focused on two key studies. The first encompassed an ESSA Level 2 study examining e2L program implementation among educators supporting MLLs across Rhode Island's Providence Public School District (PPSD), assessing its impact on student outcomes. The second ESSA Level 2 study analyzed data collected during the 2017-2021 school years at a large urban school district in Texas to gauge how participation in e2L programs predicted teacher retention each year.

For the first study, data concerning the impact of e2L's tailored coaching and instructional best practices was collected between winter 2021 and 2023 in PPSD. Findings included improvements among K-5 students in Overall Scale Score, Speaking, and Oral Language composite scores (which encompass listening and speaking components) when compared to growth data for educators who focused on increasing their proficiency in core instructional best practices. The study validates the efficacy of e2L's job-embedded coaching and support programs on student achievement, concluding that "students demonstrated a statistically significant higher likelihood of improvement on WIDA ACCESS proficiency scores after instructors received e2L coaching compared to before coaching."

For the second study, LXD Research examined teacher retention rates alongside student outcomes data from the 2017-2021 school year in a large urban school district in Texas. LXD determined that teachers of grades 4-10 who received e2L coaching on best practices and were empowered to create their own paths towards proficiency in district-selected competencies demonstrated a "significantly higher likelihood of retaining their positions than educators who did not receive e2L coaching and badges." In fact, the district was able to retain 99-100% of coached teachers who experienced growth in competencies — a 10-12% increase compared to teachers who did not receive coaching support.

Other key findings from LXD's ESSA studies include:

  • Students of teachers who received e2L coaching demonstrated a statistically significant higher likelihood of improvement on WIDA ACCESS proficiency scores after instructors received coaching compared to before coaching.
  • Students of teachers who were coached by e2L exhibited positive impacts on year-over-year gains and a heightened likelihood of proficiency in domains tailored to each age group.
  • Across 45 schools, teachers who received e2L coaching toward proficiency in district-selected competencies were significantly more likely to remain in their roles after receiving coaching and earning badges.

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