engage2learn’s Shannon Buerk Named Among Top 50 Women CEOs of 2024

Originally written and published by Women We Admire.

Women We Admire is pleased to announce the Top 50 Women Chief Executive Officers of 2024. One of the most important leadership functions in a company or organization is the Chief Executive Officer. As the highest ranking executive, the CEO is responsible for making major corporate decisions and guiding the strategic direction of the company. This role also sets the tone for the overall culture and values, while ensuring financial prosperity.

In Fortune 500 companies, only about 10% of CEOs are women, even though research shows women leaders improve collaboration and inspire employees to be more dedicated to a company’s mission. This year’s list of award recipients demonstrate the focus, drive, and commitment of today’s women CEOs.

Explore the full list of awardees here, including engage2learn's very own Shannon Buerk, coming in at #9. Congratulations, Shannon!

Shannon K Buerk Headshot Square#9: Shannon Buerk
Founder & CEO of engage2learn 

Shannon Buerk is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of engage2learn, the leading talent development and strategic implementation partner for K-12 public schools since 2011. Educator turned entrepreneur, Buerk has emerged as a thought leader on educational leadership, organizational culture, and systems thinking.

Buerk began her career as a high school English teacher. She served as assistant superintendent at Coppell ISD, a premier public school system with a statewide reputation for educational excellence, from 2003 to 2007, before accepting a role as a senior strategist at Cambridge Strategic Services. She started her current role at engage2learn in 2010. 

Buerk recently published Connect the Dots: Utilizing Education Intelligence to Accelerate Growth, Retain Talent, and Optimize Outcomes. She received her undergraduate degree from Schreiner University and a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction from Portland State University.
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