How Do You Know if Teachers Are Growing?

Here is what we do know.

Our teachers are our greatest asset. Teachers matter more toward student achievement than any other school factor.

Efforts to establish more effective teacher evaluations have had little to no positive effects on student achievement.

Therefore, if we understand the value of supporting our teachers and their continued growth but don’t have an effective way to measure said growth, how do we know if teachers are actually growing?

All of your time, resources, money, and overall effort… Is it making an impact? 

Personalized Coaching for Educators

For the past 11 years, engage2learn has honed a different kind of professional development for teachers, administrators, and district leaders based on job-embedded coaching. Whether it is in-person or virtual coaching, this highly effective, research-based system fuels equity, boosts morale, and accelerates growth of both teachers and students alike.

To collect, monitor, and celebrate educator growth, e2L coaches utilize eSuite. eSuite is a comprehensive web platform that includes everything educators need to implement evidence-based coaching, plus an advanced data and analytics dashboard that show how much coaching and growth is actually happening. eSuite is an all-in-one solution that also offers mastery learning units, thousands of time-saving tools, and coaching support for all levels of educators.

Take a look at this video to hear about coaching and its return on investment directly from engage2learn partners.

The New eSuite Reports Dashboard

So that you can quickly and efficiently see the benefits of investing in your educators, we’re excited to announce the all-new eSuite Reports Dashboard that elevates the way we look at teacher growth and its powerful correlation to student achievement! 

The new dashboard is designed to give easy-to-read report graphs and visuals that will help districts answer 3 key questions about teacher coaching, professional growth, and support.

1. How Much Coaching is Happening?

eSuite users can access the Reports Dashboard to see how much coaching is happening. Evaluate different data points such as the types of sessions that have occurred or how much time is being dedicated to supporting your educators.

Check-in on…

  • Session Attendance
  • Coaching Log/ Session Type
  • Time and Frequency
  • eGrowe Model Implementation

… to find clarity on how and when coaching is taking place.

eGrowe Coaching Model

Engage2learn’s eGrowe Coaching Model, implemented through the use of the eSuite platform, is a comprehensive coaching application designed to help educators grow professionally in a short amount of time with the support and feedback they desire. Whether it takes place face-to-face or virtually this structured coaching experience guides and facilitates the coaching process from start to finish; in fact, we believe in this model so much that at engage2learn each team member has a coach and uses the eGrowe Model to grow professionally. 

 2. How Much Growth is Happening?

Easily use the many customizable filters within the new Reports Dashboard to tailor the data for your district or school. Quickly see where your school’s/district’s coachees are in their professional growth journey. Identify what each coachee is mastering and the capacity being built across the team. Watch as educators earn badges, or visual representations of best practices, to determine the success that is worth celebrating! 

Earning Badges 

What does it mean to “earn a badge” and how does that become data? When was the last time you knew, or had data to show, that an educator was applying best practices in their classroom from professional development courses?

A badge, or micro-credential, is earned by an educator when they set personal goals with their coach. These goals are attainable and aligned with research based best practices or a set of strategic standards developed by a school or district. Educators and their coaches determine what evidence could demonstrate that the goal has been met. When they meet with their coach again, and present their evidence for a specified goal, they earn a badge! 

This blog highlights an engage2learn partner story that touches on the power of recognition and a badging system to support their educators. 

Watch as your educators are building capacity and demonstrating growth in the classroom with the new eSuite Reports Dashboard. Know that your educators are growing and what they are mastering through the badging system and corresponding data reports. 

3. How is Teacher Growth Impacting Student Growth?

Ultimately, we all strive toward the same final outcome: the success of our students. In addition to automatically keeping track of coaching data and teacher growth, the new Reports Dashboard allows you to incorporate your district’s or school’s student data. Customizable and specific to your goals and success criteria, you have the ability to import student achievement data to see the direct, and powerful, correlation between teacher growth and student success. 

The Return on Your Efforts

We know your time, and the time of your team is often limited and valuable. The initiatives, projects, and professional development where you place your focus have desired intended outcomes, but how do you know those goals are being met? How do you know with certainty that your district is stewarding people, funds, and time in a way that is making the biggest and sustaining impact? Can you say with confidence that your educators are applying what they learn from traditional professional development? Do you have the ability to show others the return on your many great ideas and efforts?

With the eSuite comprehensive educator platform and its new-and-improved Reports Dashboard, you now have all of your coaching, teacher growth, and student data in one place. Get a clear picture of your district or school’s high-level analytics alongside the ability to drill down to the achievement data of an individual classroom, educator, or student.

Know with certainty the impact of

  • Observations
  • Trainings
  • Common Assessments
  • Initiatives/Programs
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Student Achievement


You can be confident in the return on your efforts and easily demonstrate to others what is making a real difference within your district or school. 

There’s still a way for you to collect, analyze, and evaluate data through these Covid-19 shifting times. If you want to know more about the advanced analytics features of eSuite Reports go here, or if you are ready to bring eSuite to your district or campus, start a partnership today!