How Do You Know if Teachers Are Growing?

Here is what we do know:

  1. Teachers matter more toward student achievement than any other school factor, making teachers our greatest asset.
  2. Efforts to establish more effective teacher evaluations have little to no positive effects on student achievement.

If we understand, then, the value of supporting our teachers but don’t have an effective way to measure their growth, how do we know if all of our time, resources, and efforts are making an impact on educators and learners? 

In short, how do we know if teachers are actually growing?

Personalized Coaching for Educators

For the past 12+ years, engage2learn (e2L) has honed a different kind of professional development for teachers, administrators, and district leaders based on job-embedded, competency-based coaching. Whether it's in-person or virtual coaching, this highly effective, research-based system fuels equity, boosts morale, and accelerates growth of both teachers and students alike.

Utilizing GroweLab, e2L's all-in-one instructional coaching and talent development platform, teachers, leaders, and school/district staff have the tools to easily document all coaching conversations, set goals on the competencies that matter to them, submit evidence of practice, and earn progress badges every step of the way.

Mr Dion - Differentiation SQUARE


Ms Bates - Collaborative Learning SQUARE


Coach Drozd - Differentiation and Scaffolding SQUARE


With advanced education analytics and reporting, GroweLab makes measuring and celebrating educator growth easy. Every coaching conversation, piece of evidence, and badge and/or microcredential earned is transformed into growth data, enabling coaches, leaders, and stakeholders to monitor the effectiveness of coaching on not just educator growth but on student achievement as well. 

"When educators have visibility into how growth in specific competencies is influencing outcomes, everyone knows what to do more of, what to do less of, and what to abandon."

Shannon K. Buerk, Founder & CEO of engage2learn

Designed to...

  • Enable coaches to track and manage large rosters of coachees in a simplified and streamlined interface,
  • Provide educators and staff with microcredentials in the skills and competencies they're growing in,
  • Equip leaders and stakeholders with powerful data analytics,
  • Empower users to build custom observation forms and competencies,
  • And so much more...

...GroweLab is the comprehensive solution for equitable, meaningful, and sustainable talent development. Dive into GroweLab by watching the video below!


Among its many benefits, GroweLab helps districts answer 3 key questions about teacher coaching, professional growth, and support.

01: How much instructional coaching is happening?

Leaders and coaches using GroweLab have access to robust connected data reports and education analytics to see who is receiving coaching and how often; evaluate different data points, such as session type and badges earned; and celebrate the efforts and progress of your educators and coaches every step of the way.

Plus, grounded in a decade of peer-reviewed, academic research and 12+ years of coaching experience, e2L's coaching methodology has been proven effective by in-depth professional growth analytics and independent data review. Using the platform in combination with the methodology to document all coaching conversations and evidence, GroweLab users have access to a comprehensive, detailed view into all coaching activity across a school or district.

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02: How much are teachers growing in competencies?

Focusing on competency-based educator growth, coaching with the support of GroweLab empowers teachers and staff to choose and set their own growth goals in role-specific competencies, submit evidence of practice or implementation, receive constructive and positive feedback, and earn badges and microcredentials.

In GroweLab, educators earn strand badges and microcredentials in competencies based on submitted, reviewed, and approved evidence of practice, not just on PD session attendance. The process for earning these is simple:

Strand Badges

This first tier of badges represents growth on a particular domain within a specific competency. Strand badges represent quick wins for educators that serve as early recognition of growth toward higher levels of proficiency.

Strand Badge


Microcredentials are awarded when your teacher or staff member has documented evidence of practice that has been reviewed by their coach and is aligned to the proficiency level of a specific competency. 

MicrocredentialAs teachers earn badges and microcredentials on competencies, GroweLab transforms it all into teacher growth data, enabling leaders and coaches to keep track of progress, identify areas that may need additional support, and recognize teachers' efforts. Watch as your educators build capacity, demonstrate growth, and become more effective in the classroom within GroweLab's reporting dashboard!

This blog explores e2L partner Abilene ISD's transformative journey with coaching, badging, and recognition. 

03: How is teacher growth impacting student achievement?

Ultimately, we all strive toward the same final outcome: the success of our students. In addition to automatically keeping track of coaching data and teacher growth, GroweLab allows you to incorporate your district’s or school’s NWEA MAP Growth data. Customizable and specific to your goals and success criteria, you have the ability to import student achievement data to see the direct and powerful correlation between teacher coaching and growth and student achievement. 

In short, with advanced data analytics, customizable reports, and easy-to-digest visuals, GroweLab distills teacher growth into powerful, meaningful data.

Measuring the ROI of Instructional Coaching

We know your time and the time of your team is limited and valuable. The initiatives, projects, and professional development where you place your focus have desired intended outcomes, but how do you know those goals are being met? How do you know with certainty that your district is stewarding people, funds, and time in a way that is making the biggest and sustaining impact? Can you say with confidence that your educators are applying what they learn from traditional professional development? Do you have the ability to show others the return on your many great ideas and efforts?

With the advanced education analytics capabilities in GroweLab, you now have all of your coaching, teacher growth, and student data in one place. Know with certainty the impact of...

  • Observations
  • Trainings
  • Common Assessments
  • Initiatives/Programs
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Student Achievement


In short, with the support of education analytics and simplified reporting in GroweLab, school and district leaders are no longer left with fragmented information, scattered spreadsheets, and disconnected data points. Instead, they get critical, data-informed insight into which teachers are growing and which need additional support, the correlation between coaching and educator growth, and the progression of educators' proficiency in skills and competencies over time.

Supported by e2L coaching and GroweLab, you can be confident in the return on your efforts and easily demonstrate to others what is making a real difference within your district or school.

Ready to bring advanced analytics (and peace of mind) to your coaching program? Learn more about the features and impact of GroweLab here and get in touch with e2L to explore partnership options here.