engage2learn Introduces the Next Generation of Actionable Education Intelligence With mySmartCoach

AUSTIN, Tex. — 

engage2learn introduces mySmartCoach, an on-demand, self-driven smart professional learning solution that increases instructional coaching capacity to provide educators with adaptive, intelligent guidance and personalized support.  

engage2learn, a leader in supporting public school districts through data-informed talent development, announces the launch of mySmartCoach, a new self-driven, job-embedded, adaptive learning solution for educators. Backed by 800+ research studies from the brightest minds in teaching and learning, mySmartCoach allows districts to increase coaching capacity and improve instructional practices for teachers, even when they don't have access to an instructional coach. mySmartCoach provides personalized coaching and learning resources for educators that adapt to their learning styles and growth goals, creating actionable Education Intelligence.  

Many educators today recognize that one size fits all professional development doesn’t work. Instead, they need proven and effective professional support to help their students succeed. Educators crave and leaders want to provide individualized, relevant, hands-on professional learning solutions, but there hasn’t been a feasible way to do that at scale until now. With mySmartCoach, districts are equipped to deliver consistent, year-round, smart professional learning and scaffolded support for all teachers and coaches so that everyone can receive the equitable support they deserve.   

“It’s time to elevate teachers as talent and build equitable systems of support personalized to each educator. We need to ensure professional development is a benefit that yields measurable growth for educators and students alike,” said Shannon Buerk, Chief Executive Officer of engage2learn. “That’s why we’re excited to introduce mySmartCoach as the adaptive solution that gives all teachers the job-embedded, competency-based support and recognition they deserve.”  

engage2learn’s new adaptive professional learning tool helps close capacity gaps across districts by supplementing existing efforts with scalable access to high-quality coaching. Personalized recommendations, relevant guidance, and extensive materials are pulled from an on-demand digital library of over 5,000 professional learning resources to help teachers grow according to their individual needs and goals. In addition, educators are awarded badges to help them track their growth and celebrate their achievements over time.  

mySmartCoach provides:

  • Support for ALL Levels: Support is given to new educators looking for guidance and veteran educators looking to accelerate learning that benefits them and their students. 
  • Best Practices for Teacher and Student Growth: mySmartCoach’s professional learning is based on extensive expert research on boosting educator and student growth, leading to mastery in implementing best instructional practices in the classroom.
  • Broad Range of Learning Styles: Educators can choose resources and lessons based on their needs and teaching styles to create personalized learning programs.
  • Recognition for Teacher Achievements: With data and analytics from mySmartCoach, districts can recognize and celebrate their educators’ growth and achievements.
  • Acceleration of Student Achievements: Providing support to teachers and allowing them to grow as educators have been shown to increase student success.
  • Focus for coaches on high-stakes areas: Districts with coaching teams can dedicate their efforts to the coaching tasks that demand more attention by leveraging mySmartCoach technology.

mySmartCoach is part of eSuite®, engage2learn’s evidence-based professional learning growth management and reporting platform, and will be available in late June 2022.  

Ready to explore how eSuite® with mySmartCoach can deliver on-demand adaptive coaching support to educators in your district? Connect with us today at engage2learn.org.

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