engage2learn and K12 Insight Announce New Partnership to Empower Public Schools with Data-Informed Talent Development

AUSTIN, TXengage2learn (e2L) is excited to announce a new partnership with K12 Insight, an education software company on a mission to “help K-12 districts deliver superior customer service easier, faster, and more intentionally.” With the intelligence from Let’s Talk, K12 Insight’s education-focused customer service platform, and the comprehensive talent development solutions from e2L, this partnership has proven to connect the data used to identify schools’ and districts’ customer service challenges directly to customized coaching solutions provided by engage2learn to enhance the results.

“Individually, engage2learn and K12 Insight are both best in class at what they do,” said Dr. Michael Hinojosa, e2L’s Chief Impact Officer. “Combining engage2learn’s talent development platform and proven coaching methodology with the powerful data from K12 Insight's innovative customer service platform, district leaders and employees will have the perfect way to meet the needs and requests of their communities and families.”

Through the combined power of K12 Insight’s AI-powered customer service platform, otherwise known as Let’s Talk, and e2L’s tech-enabled coaching, public school districts will be able to easily identify their most pressing challenges and implement highly tailored, nuanced, and sustainable solutions that meet the unique needs of their students, employees, and communities. 

K12InsightLogo"In today's complex education landscape marked by school choice, competition, and political polarization, providing top-notch customer service is crucial," said Suhail Farooqui, CEO of K12 Insight. "We're thrilled to partner with engage2learn to bring to the market a comprehensive solution that helps to derisk this essential journey that every school district needs to undertake in the months and years ahead."

Together, e2L and K12 Insight are revolutionizing how districts approach their most pressing challenges, ensuring that they can design and implement the right solutions easier, faster, and with greater intentionality than ever before. This partnership embodies a shared vision of empowering educators and fostering a brighter future for students across the country.

“By harnessing the combined power of data, intelligence, and proven expertise, e2L and K12 Insight will work together to equip administrators and all staff with the insights and change management tools necessary to build their ideal cultures and improve relationships with their school communities,” said Shannon Buerk, CEO and Founder of e2L. “We are honored to work alongside Suhail and his team to help make their amazing insights actionable and help districts attract and delight their students, staff, and families.”


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About K12 Insight

K12 Insight has helped over 500 school districts across the nation deliver transformative customer service with its comprehensive suite of customer service solutions — including a powerful customer service platform with an AI-powered chatbot, managed research services, survey platform, and professional development. Visit k12insight.com to learn more.

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