Mesquite ISD



Mesquite ISD created a literacy initiative, Read Play Talk, to prepare early readers to read on grade level by third grade. MISD partnered with e2L out of their desire to engage campus leaders and teacher leaders to innovate. This partnership produced an “ownership model” of innovation, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking at all levels–from central office staff to classroom teachers.


MISD created an actionable timeline and goals based on this “ownership approach.”  They outlined their vision for learning in an e2L-facilitated and MISD-design Learning Framework aligned to literacy best practices and created clear methods to achieve that vision. In particular, MISD partnered with e2L for teacher coaching, principal coaching and an internal coaches academy to align the coaching model and  increase the fidelity of implementation over the long term. MISD aligned long-term coaching with their goals for sustainable growth in their teachers and leaders.

Scope and timeline:

  • Year 1 – PK-2: 33 Coaches, 33 Campus Leaders, 120 Teachers
  • Year 2 – PK-2 & 6-9: 17 Coaches, 17 Campus Leaders, 120 Teachers
  • Year 3 – 3-5: 33 Campus Coaches, 120 Teachers
  • Year 4 – 10-12: 12 Coaches, 5 Campus Leaders


MISD is seeing a growth in literacy in their second-graders who are going on to third grade. The district measured the outcomes of students whose teachers were coached compared to those whose teachers were not coached – the result was a huge difference in literacy skills with learners whose teachers received the coaching. e2L-coached classrooms had 87.19% of the learners reading on grade level, compared to just 78.13% in non-coached classrooms.




In addition to improving literacy, Read Play Talk is a culture catalyst. The district’s culture is shifting to a new model that supports growth mindset and innovation.

The district’s culture has evolved to a culture of ownership. MISD campus leaders have embraced the opportunity to lead innovation and are thrilled with the results they are seeing in classrooms.

What Our Partners Are Saying

“We have been coaching in Mesquite for several years, but the difference this year is that we have a systematic, district-wide approach to coaching in our elementary schools.  Classroom teachers, coaches, principals, and district leaders are all talking the same talk and working towards walking the same walk.  Our culture is changing.  Everyone is working towards the same goal with tools in place to support growth.  This is why we have so many bright spots.  This is why things are taking off.”

– Coordinator for Elementary Language Arts/Reading, Mesquite ISD, Andrea Bailey