engage2learn Unveils Live, On-Demand Educator Support in GroweLab, the All-In-One Talent Development Platform for Public Schools

Austin, TX – engage2learn (e2L) is proud to announce the latest teacher support tools and features within GroweLab, the all-in-one instructional coaching and talent development platform developed by educators for educators. 

A pioneer in talent development for K-12 public schools across the United States since 2011, e2L remains steadfast in its mission to help the neighborhood public school be the first choice for every family. And now, with the introduction of live, on-demand educator support features in GroweLab, e2L is setting the stage for scalable teacher support; improved job satisfaction, teacher wellness, and retention; and accelerated student outcomes.

The classroom can be an unpredictable place, often presenting educators with hiccups, questions, and challenges that require real-time problem solving. To provide educators with a trusted source that helps them find immediate, relevant solutions, GroweLab now includes a live chat feature that connects educators directly with an e2L Certified Data-Informed Growth Coach; a genAI-based support feature; and mySmartCoach, the self-driven, adaptive instructional coaching tool for teachers.

GroweLab’s live chat feature serves as a direct line to e2L’s team of expert coaches and educators. With the option to either chat or jump on a video call, this feature ensures that educators have real-time access to a live person who has the experience, guidance, and personalized solutions necessary to navigate any obstacles.

In addition, the genAI-based support tool is a virtual chat assistant that is designed with educators’ challenges in mind, providing concise solutions and personalized resources at the click of a button. Tailored to understand the unique, nuanced needs of public school teachers, this AI-driven assistant provides them with instant access to a wealth of knowledge, strategies, and resources to answer their questions and enhance their skills.

And finally, backed by 800+ studies from the brightest minds in teaching and learning, mySmartCoach empowers districts to increase coaching capacity and help teachers continually grow in role-specific competencies, even when they don't have access to an in-person instructional coach. With mySmartCoach, teachers have 24/7 access to personalized, on-demand, evidence-based coaching that adapts to their individual classroom needs, learning styles, and growth goals.

“With the launch of these on-demand tools in GroweLab, engage2learn continues the ongoing work of making teacher support accessible, personalized, and scalable,” said Jill Galloway, e2L’s Chief of Product Innovation. “These features ensure that every teacher has immediate access to the knowledge and guidance they need to thrive in their roles. By nurturing our educators, we believe that we are directly contributing to a brighter future for our students. Our goal, therefore, is to make sure that educators feel supported, valued, and equipped with the resources to inspire the next generation of learners."

For more information about engage2learn and the robust educator support features within GroweLab, please visit www.engage2learn.org.

About engage2learn (e2L)

engage2learn helps public education leaders upskill their talent and streamline systems to improve student outcomes and attract and retain teachers. Since 2011, our talent development system – built from extensive academic research and coaching practice – has been connecting adult growth data to improved results in districts across the nation.

For additional information on engage2learn, please visit us at engage2learn.org and on our social channels: Twitter/X, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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