engage2learn Acquires Coaching Effectiveness Assessment Suite

Austin, TX –  engage2learn (e2L) is excited to announce the acquisition of the only empirically validated coaching effectiveness assessment for K-12 educators. The coaching assessment tools in the suite were developed by esteemed professors from Rutgers University and Arizona State University and represent the culmination of 10 years of validated, peer-reviewed academic research that identifies the coaching skills and actions proven to retain teachers and accelerate outcomes for students.

The coaching effectiveness assessment suite and the empirically validated academic studies behind it further support the effectiveness of the competency-based coaching that e2L has helped tens of thousands of educators implement nationwide over the past 12 years.

“engage2learn was the only coaching organization we found that was already aligned to our research,” said Dr. Linda Reddy, Founder and President of ReadyCoach and the Associate Dean of Research at Rutgers University. “We know the experts at engage2learn will be able to scale the impact of our validated assessment data insights and provide measurable results for schools.”

The coaching effective assessment suite will provide public school leaders and educators with expansive coaching data analysis tools to empower the science and process of coaching. The tools include: 

  • Coaching Effectiveness Rating Scales
  • Coaching Interaction Style Scale
  • Coaching Observation Record
  • Coaching Performance Monitoring Rubrics 
  • On-Demand Feedback Reports

Taken together, this suite of tools will help school leaders and teams enhance the effectiveness of their coaches by aligning their work to the science of coaching and the six essential coaching actions proven to improve outcomes for students.

“Schools continue to face declining numbers of teachers to fill critical classroom positions and struggle to retain quality staff,” said Shannon Buerk, Founder and CEO of engage2learn. “Public education is indebted to Dr. Linda Reddy at Rutgers University and her colleague Dr. Alexander Kurz at Arizona State University for this groundbreaking research that finally identifies which specific coaching actions are the key to increased educator retention and performance. The coaching effectiveness assessment gives leaders the assurance that the investment of time and money in coaching aligned to the research is going to create the desired outcomes. We are excited to be the engine to help schools put this exciting research into action, thus furthering our commitment to helping public school districts across the country empower all educators.”

"The addition of ReadyCoach's suite will strengthen our ability to help school districts enhance student outcomes by improving teacher preparedness and retention,” said Jeffrey T. Leeds, Managing Partner at Leeds Equity Partners. “The competency-based coaching model that e2L developed and has helped implement nationwide over the past 12 years recognizes that teachers, properly supported by evidence-based and expert coaching, produce better outcomes for students and find greater purpose in their own work. e2L is thrilled to bring the insights of the suite to public schools as it continues to pursue its mission of helping make every public school in this country the best school in its community.”

e2L will use the coaching assessment suite as an essential component of the coaching certification process offered as part of the Data-Informed Growth (DIG) Coaching Collaborative. The DIG Coaching Collaborative sets the gold standard for conducting, measuring, and assessing coaching in public schools. This 12-week program is designed to guide public school districts in connecting the science of coaching to educator growth, retention rates, and increased student outcomes. 

e2L has also integrated the science of coaching in this research into GroweLab, the all-in-one coaching and talent development platform, to help public schools track and manage coaching and professional growth aligned to the essential coaching actions. With GroweLab, public schools are able to put all of their coaching and professional growth data into one integrated platform that both tracks progress and measures the impact of coaching.

With this acquisition, engage2learn can now help public schools train their coaches – and leaders who coach – to facilitate and document coaching using GroweLab before measuring and assessing the effectiveness of coaches against empirically validated research. 

Learn more at engage2learn.org.

About engage2learn

engage2learn helps education leaders upskill talent and streamline systems to increase student outcomes and attract and retain teachers. Our talent development system, built from extensive academic research and coaching practice, connects adult growth data to improved results in districts across the nation. For more information about engage2learn, visit engage2learn.org or call 1 (833) 325-4769.

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About ReadyCoach

ReadyCoach is a research-based online platform that empowers school administrators, coaches, educators, and specialists with innovative technology to maximize student learning and promote successful student behavior. ReadyCoach is the only platform of its kind using assessment data insights and real-time progress and fidelity monitoring to match the right interventions to student needs in ways that help them thrive. Professional learning services include synchronous and asynchronous onboarding options and several in-person workshops focused on instructional coaching, MTSS, and school improvement. ReadyCoach solutions are strength-focused and built upon 10 years of research and 5 large-scale studies. For additional information on ReadyCoach, see readycoach.net.

About Leeds Equity Partners

Leeds Equity is a New York-based private equity firm dedicated exclusively to partnering with management teams in the education, training, and information services industries (the "Knowledge Industries"). The firm was founded in 1993 and currently manages over $4 billion of capital across a broad spectrum of companies within the Knowledge Industries. Leeds Equity seeks to leverage its sector-focused expertise and market insights to create long-term value for its partner companies and investors.

For additional information on Leeds Equity Partners, see http://www.leedsequity.com/.

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