Transforming School Culture with Intentional Professional Learning

In the Dallas Independent School District (ISD), leaders understand that intentional professional learning for every department is critical to transforming school culture and ensuring student success.


“There’s a major role that ops plays in the education of a child,” said Dr. David Bates, Assistant Superintendent of Maintenance & Facilities in Dallas ISD. “From when they walk into the building, the way it looks on the outside, the way they feel about their school building, the climate and control of the building – it helps their learning.”

Three years ago, before e2L coaching began in the 2021-2022 school year, the average response time to maintenance requests was about two months. With a front-row seat to the negative culture within the operations department, Dr. Bates committed to investing in job-embedded professional learning for his people, not just to make processes more efficient but to make the district operations staff feel valued and supported.

“It means everything. My input means something. It’s just mind-blowing that I could be part of the changes here at [Dallas] ISD.” 

Warren Jones, Central Evening Manager, Dallas ISD

Check out our latest video to see how individual coaching and professional learning for Dallas ISD maintenance and facilities staff is transforming school culture.

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