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Cultural Tenets: Why, What, How

By Shannon Buerk Anyone who knows me well understands that I feel called to be leading engage2learn. Quite frankly, I did not set out to own an organization, to be an entrepreneur, or to ever leave the classroom. When I…

Culture Strategic Design

By Teresa Tate Across all areas of professional organizations, leadership focuses on vision, goals, and strategies to transform the organization and build success.  Nowhere is this more prevalent than in education. Still, decades of working toward accomplishing the vision have…

The e2L Blended Framework: A Journey of Growth

By Samantha Parker If you have read my fellow eGrowe coach, Robyn Scott’s, blog post on “Using the School Design Framework as the One Thing” you already understand how the engage2Learn Blended Framework incorporates the facilitation of 21st Century Life…

Leader Profile diy

Leader Profile is aligned to the learner profile with the unique characteristics, skills, and traits that are necessary for leaders to realize the call to action/vision for the district. Outcome: Leader Profile aligned to the Learner Profile that describes the type…

Learner Profile diy

Your learner profile is a collection of characteristics, skills, and traits desire by your community for its learners. It aligns operations and the learning experience to equip students for the future. Whether you’re building a tech plan, facilities assessment, or…

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