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5 Critical Moves for Leaders During a Crisis

Written by Chris Everett and Kammi Green. To say that these are unprecedented times seems like a significant understatement. The reality is that everything we know and are accustomed to has changed, and we’re all adjusting to a “new normal.”…

Scaffold the Standards Workspace

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Below you will find download links for e2L’s Scaffold the Standards Workspace. This workspace provides step-by-step guidance for how to mitigate learning loss due to COVID-19 school closures by effectively planning how content standards (TEKS) missed in the spring of…

How to Keep Kids Learning While Working From Home

During this unprecedented time, many parents with full-time jobs are suddenly finding themselves working from home while at the same time homeschooling their children. While you are trying to work–and probably educate your kids at the same time– you may…

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