White Papers

e2L Life Ready Best Practices Research Base

This white paper outlines the e2L 12 Life Ready Best Practices, curated from the expansive research on instructional practices that impact student achievement combined with reports on the skills that today’s students need for college, career, and life readiness. Each of the e2L LRBPs is defined, and the supporting research for each one is summarized and referenced.

Fixing the Leaky Pipeline: How to Retain Teachers through Talent Transformation

Many efforts to overcome the teacher shortage in public schools nationwide are understandably focused on increasing the supply of teachers into the pipeline. However, every new hire costs districts $5,000 – $20,000. Re-allocating the lost dollars of replacement costs toward coaching and retaining teachers already in the system is a win-win. Such talent transformation is the key to fixing the leaky pipeline and better serving our learners, while maximizing taxpayer dollars.

Learner Profile: The Catalyst for Equipping Learners for Life

In the modern era of public education, often referred to as Education 3.0, it is imperative that young learners embody the Life Ready Skills necessary for success in the world outside of their school walls. A Learner Profile is the precise tool that emboldens communities and educational stakeholders to identify those necessary traits and develop the ideal learning opportunities for their students to be successful. Once created, districts can put a learner profile into action through a learning framework.

Life-Ready is Future-Proof

Focusing on building Life Ready skills in today’s learners ensures the 16,000 or so hours learners invest in school is well-spent, college or career readiness is guaranteed, and that they leave high school confident to take on the future as it unfolds for each of them as individuals. No longer are jobs centered around solitary, repetitive tasks, but instead call for collaboration, multiple methods of communication, and innovation. e2L has curated 7 Life Ready Skills from the research on this topics. . It is one thing to know what these skills are and to understand that they are important to the future of every learner attending schools today; it is an entirely different thing to create a system prepared to provide the experience required.