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How to Hire the Right People Every Time

Job, Career, or Vocation Every person deserves to spend their working life doing something they enjoy. Unfortunately, not all people get that opportunity. There are three different ways people label their work. One way is to think of the 40…

The One-Year School Turnaround Story!

“Improvement Required” is undoubtedly the last place a campus wants to find themselves.  In an effort to establish local accountability systems, in 2017, the Texas State Legislature established three domains for academic performance: 1) Student Achievement, 2) School Progress, and…

Shifting the System We Have Inherited

Because my husband coached college basketball, we moved 10 times in the first 16 years of our marriage. As a high school teacher, I taught all secondary grades and every English level, including remedial and AP classes, in two different…

5 Tips for Making Meetings Matter

The Meeting Madness How often have you had a meeting on a topic only to realize you had already met on this topic previously and no decisions had been implemented yet?  Employees are spending more time than ever in meetings;…

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