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The New Vision for Personalized Learning at Scale

The e2L Personalized Learning Ecosystem (PLE) provides school districts a multi-level, holistic approach that aligns the entire culture and systems around providing every student with truly personalized learning experiences. With the Personalized Learning Ecosystem, engage2learn is ready to help public school districts bring…

Modernizing Continuous Performance Management

Organizations spend a fortune purchasing performance management tools that often fail to meet their unique needs. At engage2learn (e2L), we set out to develop a fully customized performance management system that leveraged existing technology adoptions. The result was an agile…

How We Work Ourselves Out of a Job

We Don’t Want to be Your Partner Forever Most companies don’t start off New Business Development meetings with “Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job.” However, at engage2learn (e2L), our greatest desire is to see our partners…

Learning Should be Real not “Real”

When I ask teachers what their ideal classroom looks like, they all respond with the same answer, “In an ideal classroom, my students are 100% engaged and excited about their learning.”  I believe teachers strongly want this type of learning…

How to Hire the Right People Every Time

Job, Career, or Vocation Every person deserves to spend their working life doing something they enjoy. Unfortunately, not all people get that opportunity. There are three different ways people label their work. One way is to think of the 40…

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