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Corina Saldana Teacher Story, Abilene ISD

“Journey of a Teacher”

Cultivating Equitable Support for Teachers & Students

April 25, 2022
By: engage2learn

This month on the Getting Smart Podcast, e2L Founder & CEO Shannon Buerk and podcast host Shawnee Caruthers discuss building equitable support for public school teachers and students; leading with humility, intention, and empathy; and more! Tune in now.

The Long-Term Impact of Coaching New Teachers

April 22, 2022
By: engage2learn

Studies show that new teachers with little or no preparation are more than twice as likely to leave teaching than those who are fully prepared with high-quality mentors. Learn how partnering your new teachers with personalized coaches can transform their practice and student learning.

Your Road Map for High-Impact Teacher Support

April 15, 2022
By: Jill Galloway

Sometimes teaching can feel like running a marathon on unknown terrain after pulling an all-nighter. To keep teachers from running on fumes, read on to learn about the kind of high-impact, actionable support that district and campus leaders can provide for their teachers right now.

Lesson Planning Today for Accelerated Learning Tomorrow

April 8, 2022
By: Kammi Green

Pandemic-related disruptions in learning likely mean that the students coming to you next year might be at very different stages of mastery and engagement. But don't worry! By lesson planning with differentiation, autonomy, and the learner at the center, you’ll be equipped to meet each student where they are and set them on a path toward mastery.

3 Misconceptions About Instructional Coaching

March 11, 2022
By: Shannon K. Buerk

As the brilliant Dr. Atul Gawande once said, "Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance." The first step toward clarifying "coaching done well" is to debunk the misconceptions. Let's dive in!

How to Support Your Exhausted Teachers with Intention & Strategy

February 18, 2022
By: Chris Everett, Ed.D.

Teachers across the country are exhausted, and it’s no mystery why. Based on his extensive experience working with districts of all sizes, e2L Chief of Staff Chris Everett shares four ways that district leaders can help their teachers feel more supported, motivated, and engaged.

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