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Respected Visionary Dawson Orr Joins engage2learn

Partners with School Districts to Establish High Performing Cultures Today, Shannon Buerk, President and Chief Executive Officer of engage2learn, announced Dr. Dawson Orr has joined the organization. Orr will partner with school districts across the nation to design and establish…

Education/Community Summit Presentation Template

This is the presentation template that can be used to facilitate education/community summits and/or forums. It provides a wonderful framework for soliciting feedback from your local community as to what they would like to see in their childrens’ classrooms and campuses.

Game Changers

Welcome to Game Changers! Click on the session name for access to resources from each session. September 2015 Google Session December 2015 Southwest Airlines Session February 2016 Whataburger Session This information is for Game Changer participants only. For more information about…

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