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5 Tips for Making Meetings Matter

The Meeting Madness How often have you had a meeting on a topic only to realize you had already met on this topic previously and no decisions had been implemented yet?  Employees are spending more time than ever in meetings;…

Creating Empowered Learners in Spring ISD

engage2learn (e2L) is honored to be partnering with Spring ISD on a number of projects this year. In April, e2L facilitated a diverse group of district stakeholders to design a single instructional model that will ultimately be used in every classroom in…

Purple Up! For the Military Child

by Christin W. Leggett For 33 consecutive years, April has been designated as the Month of the Military Child by the U.S. Department of Defense. Public schools and communities nationwide show their support of this unique student population through the…

#e2L Hustle: A Day in the Life

                by Shannon Buerk, Founder, and CEO of engage2learn. When I was the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning in a district, we often had people ask what we did all day in…

Spring Break Challenge: 4 Things

      by Shannon Buerk, Founder, and CEO of engage2learn.   For a few years now, I have taken on a health challenge over Spring Break that has made the time even more beneficial. I have challenged people I…

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