Teacher Support

3 Things Every Teacher Needs Right Now

Under normal circumstances being a teacher is hard, but in the face of a global pandemic that causes rolling school closures, it feels downright impossible. Educators across the country are scrambling to do their very best to make sure our…

Continuing the work of equity

Over the past few weeks, I have been so inspired and honored to read and watch so many of our partner districts state their commitment to fighting against racism. It is readily apparent to me that these were more than…

Design Thinking for Educators

I got interested in Design Thinking during my graduate work at Portland State University in my late 20s. David Kelley founded IDEO in 1978, and by the time I was in graduate school in 1995, user-centered design and Design Thinking…

How Coaching on Competencies Reduces Teacher Burnout

In the face of teacher burnout, providing “more tools in the toolbox” can be overwhelming, creating more harm than good. Designing a set of consistent, predictable instructional practices or competencies, on the other hand, is crucial in effectively supporting teachers and accelerating student learning.

How Teacher Coaching Transformed My District

When the pandemic disrupted in-person learning in the spring of 2020, Pampa ISD leadership knew the district needed a new, scalable instructional coaching model to better support their teachers and students. So, they turned to engage2learn. Pampa ISD Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Abby Hancock tells their story.

How Teacher Growth Leads to School Improvement

When Abilene ISD chose to partner with engage2learn, they took two different but effective approaches to supporting teachers across three schools and knew they would have to continue the momentum into the current school year – even through a pandemic.

Is Toxic Positivity Killing Your School Culture?

Some people are quick to address difficult problems with culturally driven and popular positive sayings, like, “It could be worse,” or “Look on the bright side!” While well-intended, these comments often have the reverse effect and actually decrease morale. It’s called toxic positivity, and it may be seeping into your school or district.

Lesson Planning Today for Accelerated Learning Tomorrow

Pandemic-related disruptions in learning likely mean that the students coming to you next year might be at very different stages of mastery and engagement. But don’t worry! By lesson planning with differentiation, autonomy, and the learner at the center, you’ll be equipped to meet each student where they are and set them on a path toward mastery.

Strategic Abandonment: 3 Tips for Letting Go

As educators, we are often quick to launch the next great initiative that promises to help us meet our goals and improve student outcomes, but rarely do we take time to analyze and defer the old programs that are no longer working. Strategic abandonment is the key to shedding unnecessary initiatives and making room for better ones.

Teacher Wellness Matters, Period.

We have a saying at engage2learn: “When teachers thrive, students thrive.” Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to what our partners are working on and how we can align our services to support them. During this pandemic, there has…

The Long-Term Benefits of Comprehensive Coaching

Background Developing an innovative learning experience with a focus on comprehensive literacy development in classrooms district-wide is changing the trajectory of students’ lives and producing a more literate community as a whole in Mesquite ISD, a mid-sized urban school district…

The Long-Term Impact of Coaching New Teachers

Studies show that new teachers with little or no preparation are more than twice as likely to leave teaching than those who are fully prepared with high-quality mentors. Learn how partnering your new teachers with personalized coaches can transform their practice and student learning.

The Power of Goal Setting in the Classroom

We all know that incomparable feeling of accomplishment. There is just nothing like it, and once you get a taste of success, there is no going back. Our great successes in life typically don’t happen by accident; they are the…

The Secret to Effective Coaching

Lauren Hurt-Ashwin is the e2L Growth Catalyst and her primary responsibility is to provide leadership development to our team of e2L Certified eGROWE Coaches and our district partners. Our district coaches express how Lauren has made a direct impact on…

Your Road Map for High-Impact Teacher Support

Sometimes teaching can feel like running a marathon on unknown terrain after pulling an all-nighter. To keep teachers from running on fumes, read on to learn about the kind of high-impact, actionable support that district and campus leaders can provide for their teachers right now.

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