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GROWE Learning Process

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The GROWE Learning Process provides teachers, students, and parents a structured learning process that is goal-oriented and easy to follow. This process supports learner agency and ensures engagement and equity by allowing learners to personalize their growth toward mastery throughout…

5 Critical Moves for Leaders During a Crisis

Written by Chris Everett and Kammi Green. To say that these are unprecedented times seems like a significant understatement. The reality is that everything we know and are accustomed to has changed, and we’re all adjusting to a “new normal.”…

Scaffold the Standards Workspace

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Below you will find download links for e2L’s Scaffold the Standards Workspace. This workspace provides step-by-step guidance for how to mitigate learning loss due to COVID-19 school closures by effectively planning how content standards (TEKS) missed in the spring of…

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