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The Importance of Culture

Or: Striving for a Mickey Mouse Operation by  Amanda Stephens Long before I had ever heard of organizational culture or began to consider its importance in developing an innovative workplace, I saw a sign on my college campus: the distinctive shape of…

If You Build it…They Will Learn

When building a house, one of the key components is the framework. It starts with a vision, a solid blueprint plus a plan for implementation. Once construction begins, the team works together to bring the vision/call to action of the…

Education is Life Itself

One classroom. One teacher. An average of 30 students per class. Deadlines. Curriculum. Pacing guides. Formal exams. Gaps. Grades and report cards. Add to that, the expectation that students must learn, “How to learn” in contrast to “What to learn”…

Preparing Students to be Ready for Life

The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be challenging. Imagine how difficult it would be to transition without the skills necessary to function in today’s society. Skills such as Communication, Collaboration, and a healthy Growth Mindset are just a few…

The Art of Feedback with eGROWE

No matter what field one is in and even in personal relationships, providing feedback and learning or developing new habits is an important and delicate process. These conversations should always result in growth. This can be difficult, however, without a…

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