How School Culture & Community Support Improve Student Learning

We live in an ever-changing world. As our futures evolve, our approach to learning and teaching must also evolve to keep up with the economy of tomorrow. It’s our mission at engage2learn to make sure learners are prepared for this exciting but unpredictable future. With that in mind, we’ve recognized that many of the systems in place in education aren’t conducive to Life-Ready learning.

Though the common goal of educators and parents is to prepare students to be independent and successful in their futures after graduation, why isn’t Life-Ready learning happening? It’s the result of public schools continuing to teach students in a way that prepares them for a future of the past. What today’s future requires is a shift from traditional models to innovative, student-centered learning models. The shift cannot be created in the classroom alone. Rather, it’s a school culture shift that needs to come from leaders, teachers, students, and the community as a whole to modernize the learning experience.

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Why School Culture Shifts Matter

engage2learn facilitates Life-Ready and High-Performance cultures with our partners. You might be wondering why we focus so heavily on school culture. We understand that a change in overall learning requires a change in behaviors and norms. Our results show that a school culture shift leads to an increase in attendance, a decrease in behavioral and disciplinary referrals, an improvement in standardized test scores, and an overall increase in Life-Ready learners.

In short, changing a school’s or district’s culture will change the way students engage in the classroom. While much of this culture change happens internally, it also hinges on the involvement of the local community.

It Takes A Village

Community is powerful.

We’ve seen that community involvement is a critical piece to creating a student-centered learning environment. Teachers, leaders, and parents know what outcomes they want for their learners, but the local community also needs a voice at the table.

Business owners, civic leaders, and other community stakeholders are crucial for determining the best learner outcomes for the careers of tomorrow. After all, our learners can’t learn in a vacuum. Learning needs to be relevant to our rapidly expanding global economy for students to be truly prepared when they graduate.

We see school culture change as a hands-on community process. engage2learn solicits community feedback on desired goals and learning experiences when we partner with school districts, creating learning based on a local vision that’s completely unique to each of our partners.

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Community involvement is the first step to creating a High-Performance Culture. It’s a critical piece in our changing, competitive world that gives engaged learners a leg up. Want to learn how you can create such a culture in your district? Start a partnership today!

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